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Green Pheasant, the Japanese National Animal

Hello guys!! Today, I would like to tell to all of you about Green Pheasant.
picture source: wikipedia That was how Green Pheasant look like. Green Pheasant or usually known as Japanese Green Pheasant was the national animal of Japan that declarated on 1947,  it scientific name was Phasianus versicolor. It was a member of Phasianideae family, here is the complete scientific classification according to wikipedia: Kingdom : AnimaliaPhylum : ChordataClass : AvesOrder : GalliformesFamily : PhasianideaeGenus : PhasianusSpecies : P. versicolor Green Pheasant usually found in Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku in Japan and sometimes can be found in Hawaii.But, the natural or pure Green Pheasant can only found in Japan, the species that found outside Japan has been crossed with Common Pheasant or other Pheasant species. Green Pheasant have a same life cycle as Wild and Common Pheasant, Green Pheasant usually nest in spring, then it'll brooding in summer, when fall come Green Pheasant will fatte…

My Last Holiday

I spent my last holiday in Magelang. I went there with my family from December 16th until December 23rd. I went there with car. The trip took about 12 hours. It was a fun trip.
At Magelang, I and my family visited so many exciting places. On first day, we visited Borobudur Temple. I've visited Borobudur Temple, and I think it was not an exciting place. But, when I visited Borobudur Temple again I felt so excited, it was very different than before. The environment around the main temple was very beautiful.

The Second day, we went to Semarang. We visited so many exciting local culinary places, such as lumpiah semarang, kupat tahu semarang, bakso, and many more. After that, we decided to spent the night at Simpang Lima, the place was so crowded at night but I still very excited because of some Javanese traditional attraction that took place around Simpang Lima.

Next day, I went to Jogjakarta. The trip took about 3 hours with car. The first place we visited in Jogja is the Parangtrit…

School Activities - Qurban

Hello guys!

Today, I would like to tell you all about one of my school activity. The activity is Qurtsa or Qurban Tsalatsa that means Qurban 3.It was held on 1 September 2017 in my school SMAN 3 Bandung. All first grade student have to come to that activity.

It was an interesting activity 'cause I can saw the procedure of Qurban, such as how to slaughter the animal, what prayer that must we read, amd many more.

The activity itself started from 8.30am until 12pm. Started from slaughtered the animals, then the committee cut off the animal bodies into smaller part so it can be easily separated between it bones and it meat.

After that, the committees cut the meat into small pieces and weigh the meat, then divided it into lot of plastic bags. Then, they're started to distribute the meats to the local communities.

It was a really exciting activity, I hope my school will held an activity like that again.

Tourist Destination Promotion

Hi! today i'd like to promote a tourist destination with my friend, Moch. Nabil.Here is the link to the promotion video:
Promotion-VideoThank you!

Conversation About Planning Holiday

(Alif and Naufal meet at the school before the class begin)

Alif     : "Good morning, Naufal!"
Naufal : "Oh, morning!"
Alif     : "You know, the long holiday will coming soon after the first semester evaluation. Do you have any plans for it?"
Naufal : "Sure, I would like to go to Dufan this year."
Alif     : "Wow, sounds like it'll be a good holiday."
Naufal : "Yeah, Me and familly was make the plan from last year so I think that this'll be great."
Alif     : "So, when exactly do you want to go there?"
Naufal : "After I get the study report, exactly in the middle of the holiday."
Alif     : "Mm.. Do you planning to spend the new year night there? Or you'll just leaving before it?'
Naufal : "Yes I do, Dufan always have a special event on the new year night. So I would like to stay there at the moment."
Alif     : "What a nice plan! And I though, it was your reason to go t…

Unforgotable Experience

Good day everybody!

Today I want to tell you about my unforgotable experience. That day, I was want to go home after studied at my junior high school. I wanted to went home as fast as I can that day, but unfortunately rain happened. And unfortunately I didn't brought my umbrella. I was so upset that time 'cause i thought i'll went home lately when my other friends was went to their home with their parents. I can't tell my parents to pick me from the school because my mom was put my sister to sleep and my father was busy with his work.
At that situation I decide to went back to my class, but as I had expected before there was nobody left there. Then I decide to went to the library to read a book there with hoping that the rain will soon subside. But, after half an our I read a book the rain was still not stopped. I felt so bored that time cause my smartphone was in low-battery condition. After that, I decide to went to the school corridor and read my textbook.