Conversation About Planning Holiday

(Alif and Naufal meet at the school before the class begin)

Alif     : "Good morning, Naufal!"
Naufal : "Oh, morning!"
Alif     : "You know, the long holiday will coming soon after the first semester evaluation. Do you have any plans for it?"
Naufal : "Sure, I would like to go to Dufan this year."
Alif     : "Wow, sounds like it'll be a good holiday."
Naufal : "Yeah, Me and familly was make the plan from last year so I think that this'll be great."
Alif     : "So, when exactly do you want to go there?"
Naufal : "After I get the study report, exactly in the middle of the holiday."
Alif     : "Mm.. Do you planning to spend the new year night there? Or you'll just leaving before it?'
Naufal : "Yes I do, Dufan always have a special event on the new year night. So I would like to stay there at the moment."
Alif     : "What a nice plan! And I though, it was your reason to go t…

Unforgotable Experience

Good day everybody!

Today I want to tell you about my unforgotable experience. That day, I was want to go home after studied at my junior high school. I wanted to went home as fast as I can that day, but unfortunately rain happened. And unfortunately I didn't brought my umbrella. I was so upset that time 'cause i thought i'll went home lately when my other friends was went to their home with their parents. I can't tell my parents to pick me from the school because my mom was put my sister to sleep and my father was busy with his work.
At that situation I decide to went back to my class, but as I had expected before there was nobody left there. Then I decide to went to the library to read a book there with hoping that the rain will soon subside. But, after half an our I read a book the rain was still not stopped. I felt so bored that time cause my smartphone was in low-battery condition. After that, I decide to went to the school corridor and read my textbook.


(In an art gallery in Badung) Alif    : (Observing a painting). Bima : "Hi, I noticed that you have been observating the painting." Alif    : "Oh yes, I think it is quite a masterpiece!" Bima : "Quite so, although I think it is not exactly a masterpiece." Alif    : "Why did you think so?" Bima : "Well, I believe that this painting has no philosophical meaning of any sort." Alif    : "Oh, Really? I haven't noticed that at all." Bima : "By the way, my name is Bimasena, what's yours?" Alif    : "I am Alif, pleasure to talk with you." Bima : "The feeling is mutual." Alif    : "So, who you are exactly?" Bima : "Well, I known as an professional art critic." Alif    : "Wow! So, where did you stufy that?" Bima : "I studied art in one of the most prestigious university out there." Alif    : "What a superb experience!" Bima : "What brings you here?" Alif  …


Hello all, welcome to my blog.
This is my first post, so I would like to introduce myself. My Name is Muhammad Alif Kurniawan, people usually call me Alif. I was born in Semarang, 2 August 2002. I moved to Bandung on 2006.
My father name is Hariyanto and my mother name is Astri. My father occupation was an Indonesian Army. I also have a sister, her name is Maida. I, my mother, and my sister live at Hegarmanah Street Number 152 Bandung City. My father live in Manokwari, West Papua.
Now, I was a student at SMA N 3 Bandung. Before that, I was studying at SMP N 12 Bandung. I hope I can continued my study in ITB on Aerotronika Institute. My hobby was editing, sometimes I can get some money from my hobby.

For now, it was all i can say about myself.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

See ya!